reacting to pressure dribbling drill

Reacting To Pressure & a Ballhandling and Dribbling Drill Video

The ability to see pressure coming from the defense, to calmly find the opening and execute your offense is an extremely valuable skill. Most players will panic when they see the double on the way, or throw up a wild layup if they feel the defense on their back. But by incorporating drills into your practice plan that focus on these types of situations, you can get your players comfortable with being attacked by the defense, which will allow them to develop their muscle memory.


The “Wolf” Ballhandling and Dribbling Drill

Dribbling and ball control is a skill that can be practiced alone, and should be considered separate from your other ball skills on the court. Ballhandling, however, involves a knowledge of the game and integrates dribbling, passing and decision-making.  Practicing and improving your ballhandling requires imagination to put yourself in game situations.

The “Wolf” ballhandling and dribbling drill is an awesome drill to do just that, and is great for any age/level of player.  This dribbling drill offensively works on the controlled dribble and avoiding a player chasing from behind, trying to knock the ball loose.  It also works on dribbling and ball-handling in game-like scenarios.

To run the “Wolf” dribbling drill, simply have two players line up in one corner of the court.

Throw the ball to the first of the two players, who will then dribble downcourt.

The player without the ball chases, trying to block his shot without fouling.


“Wolf” Dribbling Drill Diagram

wolf drill dribbling drill diagram


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