This drill focuses on using a light touch when dribbling, and making the ball “skid” on the floor, instead of bouncing sharply.

How it Works

  1. Take a wide stance, knees bent and dribble the ball from one hand to the other in front of you.
  2. You want the ball to almost skid on the court instead of taking a direct bounce up.
  3. After running the drill in front, run it behind your back.
  4. You can also run this drill to halfcourt and back.  When running the drill in motion, you can dribble in front like when stationary, you can also dribble between the legs.
  5. You can also run the drill in motion while dribbling behind the back.

Coaching Tips

  • Make it easier: Slow down the pace, and get in a good side to side rocking motion.
  • Make it harder: Take your dribble on the move, such as going to halfcourt and back.