One of my favorite drills for running the numbered fast break is “The Circle Drill”. This is a full court, 5 against“  0 drill that focuses on the transition offense.

Put 5 players into a circle at one end of the court (each assigned as 1-2-3-4-5), and have them walk to rotate the circle.

Transition Offense Video Tutorial: The Circle Drill

The coach or assistant player will shoot a basket – that will either be made or missed – and the 4 player will go for the ball and then head to the sideline while the rest of the players begin moving down the court. The 4 player on the sideline will outlet and pass the ball to the 1 player, who will take one dribble, and then pass to the 2 player, who will take a lay-up shot. Run this drill up and back the court, always going to the 2.

Running the 4-1-2 will take the ball to the right side of the floor for the layup.

Running the 4-1-3 will alternately take the ball to the left side of the floor for the layup.

Running the 4-1-5 (with 5 being the center streaking straight down the middle of the floor) will take the ball straight down the middle for the dunk shot.

Remind players that when they reach half court, they should always look on the inside shoulder for the ball for the first time. Never look for the ball until you get past the half court line!


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