In today’s video, we are continuing our discussion on Shooting Layups. If you missed part one of this series, you can read it here!

Shooting Layups: The Basics – Part 2

In our previous video, we broke down the basic mechanics of the layup, and ran through a couple of drills patterns that did not use the ball. Now we are going to talk about drills you can work with the ball.

Run With The Ball

After your players are comfortable with the basic mechanics of the layup shot, the next step is to work on carrying the ball and shooting the layup (carrying – we are not dribbling yet).

– Carrying the ball on your right side, with the chin in position, you’ll shoot 3 layups going down with the right hand. Change the ball carry side and do 3 layups coming back with the left hand.

– You are not going to begin in triple threat – instead you are going to walk out a few steps, shoot a layup and hold the follow-through until the ball hits the floor. Remember to “shoot for the stars” and make a parachute with the hand.

Dribble With The Ball

Now you are going to take a shot off the dribble. Use a direct drive going out and a cross over drive coming back.

– Begin in triple threat, right hand dribble and take a few steps, then shoot a right hand layup, holding the follow-through until the ball hits the floor.  Change the ball carry side and come back, shooting a left hand layup.

– Don’t forget to jump off the shooting leg, and also be sure you use the two handed pickup!


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