In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating a great pressure defensive drill called the “Six Man Slides”. The purpose of this drill is to work on the close out, getting over the screen and working backwards as if guarding a dribbler.

“Six Man Slides” Pressure Defense Drill

This is a fabulous drill that works your players footwork at a quick pace, and incorporates many practical mechanics of the defensive game.

Start with 6 players lined up at the corner of the baseline. A coach or other player stands at one corner of the free throw lane across from the 6 players, and you want to place 2 basketballs on the other 2 corners of the free throw lane (mid court and baseline).

You will also have a player stand in the middle of the free throw lane, holding a football pad.

The first player will close out on the shot and then get over the screen of the pad, hit the top corner ball and get some wood on the floor. The player will then drop step back as if guarding a dribbler, and closes out with a defensive slide across the baseline back to the starting point.

The next player in the line goes when the first closes out.

Run this drill with 35 seconds on the clock.


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