While I generally prefer an offense that runs through a series of options, rather than a set play, at the end of the game or to just get a high percentage shot, sometimes I do like to call in certain set plays.

Usually they involve getting a high percentage three-point shot, or an easy post entry, as on most of my teams, I find that sometimes we struggle to do t

Basketball Offense
2 Guard 3

hose two things efficiently.

2 Guard 3

While I call this basketball play 2 guard 3, it can be run for anyone, just have them move to the 2 guard spot I have notched down on the following diagrams.

Line your players up as follows: Your point guard up outside the the three point line, lane-line extended, with the power forward on the weak side of the court in the same position.

The strong side wing will be pushed down to the corner, with the other post on that same side on the block. The weak side wing will be free throw line extended.

The play is initiated when the point guard dribbles over to the weak side of the court. On this action, the power forward is going to curl behind him, going to set the first of a two screen stagger for the 2 guard, just outside of the elbow.

The point guard will pass the ball to the wing on the side he just dribbled to, and fill out into the far corner, where the 2 guard began the play. As this is happening, the other post will be setting the 2nd screen of the stagger just below the three point line on the strong side of the court.

The second screener stays up at the elbow, and can be called up for a ball screen if nothing is available, and the first screener rolls to the basket immediately, looking for the lob.

The 2 guard will come up off both screens, looking to take the three point shot, but also looking for either of the screeners if their men help off and leave their men open.


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