This is a great drill that focuses on rebounding fundamentals.

How it Works

  1. Players form a line on the right lane line, with a coach behind them on the arc, and another coach on the far side block.
  2. The coach will start with the only ball, taking (and missing a shot).
  3. The player at the front of the line will set themselves, jump and grab the ball at its highest point, coming down strong with the ball.
  4. Next, he’ll pivot, hit the coach on the wing with an outlet pass, and return to the back of the line.
  5. The drill will continue like this for 2 and a half minutes, at which point the line will switch to the other side of the court.

Coaching Tips

  • Make it harder: Put two players in – 1 offense 1 defense – and have them box each other out for the rebound.
  • Make it easier:  Eliminate the outlet and allow players to focus on the rebound.