Here is an awesome rebounding drill for your whole team! It allows you to keep the concentration and focus of players because they are working with a partner. This rebounding drill keeps all players active and involved!

V-Shot Pivot Shooting Drill

In this rebounding drill, every shooter works with a partner and gets the opportunity to focus on regular V’s on both sides of the lane, and also lateral V’s on both sides of the baseline.

In addition to the regular V and the lateral V, you can also shoot a straight V, which is from the foul line/top of the key right down the middle.

Coaching Points

  • The shooters can begin at any one of those 5 spots on the court – either side of the lane, either side of the baseline or straight up the middle.
  • After taking the first shot, the player will rebound the ball, and proceed to any of those other 4 positions to take a shot.
  • The shooter will use proper quick stop and pivot movement techniques, then shoot and follow through.
  • The players who are not shooting are to watch their partner’s pivot foot, to make sure they are pivoting on the correct foot.
  • Partners count made shots for the shooter
  • Once each shooter has made 5-10 shots, rotate with the partner and repeat the same steps

I have found that players will shoot 30% more in practice by incorporating this drill into your practice plan. Your players spend less time dribbling, more time concentrating and all parts of this rebounding drill are game situation – they are doing jump stops, pivots, and they’re learning to follow their shots all in one simple rebounding drill.

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