One of the most difficult situations in a youth basketball game is the press break, and whether or not your team can run a press break against the opponent. The Press Break is one of the hardest basketball skills to teach, and the hardest component for young players to retain. But, if your players get proficient at breaking the press, your team will increase its chances of succeeding, and winning more games. When a team cannot break a press, it is difficult to regain momentum, and many teams never make it back into the game. So teaching your players how to run a press break early in their player training is so important to include in your practice plan.

A youth basketball team doesn’t necessarily need a dominant dribbler for successful press break because it’s best to break a press by passing the ball. Still, good ball handling is an important part of the press break.  It’s important that young players know how to dribble with either hand and with their head up, which decreases the chance of them moving into a trap.  Players that can use both their right and left hands to dribble can be a huge benefit to their team on breaking a press. But always remember that passing, not ball handling, is the key to breaking the press efficiently!

VIDEO TUTORIAL: 1-4 Press Break Alignment

In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating a fantastic 1-4 Press Break Alignment that will help your players gain the edge against your opponents!


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