At the elementary level I make sure that practice is more about fun, to really get the kids to fall in love with the sport and want to get better. Here are two drills that the kids love and that teach them basic skills.

Basketball Tag
A good dribbling game at this age is basketball tag.  Our team is about 20 kids, so I give 5 of them a ball, and they are “it”.

They have 3 minutes to tag all the other kids while dribbling.  The other kids have to stay inbounds and of course they need to try not to be tagged, or the kids with the ball won’t be able to practice their dribbling.

This is not only fun for the kids, but they have to keep their heads up, and make quick turns.  It also builds endurance and teamwork.  For the kids that are proficient with their strong hand, I make them only dribble with their weak hand.

Game of Defense
This drill is for the younger ages. It puts a competition to a defensive slide drill.
They cant get enough.  It teaches good defensive posture and it also teaches good footwork.

Use the three point line.
Have your team on one side.
Have them set up in a defensive stance.
Tell them it is a game.
They are going to receive a score between 1 and 10.
They need to slide around the 3 point line as fast as they can and they will be judged on quickness, form, and how close they stay to the line.

Remember to have them keep there heads up, do not cross feet, bend knees and palms up.

I do this drill 4 times once to the left, once to the right, and then repeat. “  When I do this drill the kids love it!