In today’s blog post, we are going to share 3 perimeter drills to improve individual scoring and shooting ability!

What makes a good perimeter player?

Shooting Ability
Your ability to make open shots helps to maximize your teammate’s abilities. When you can make open shots, the defense has to make adjustments to defend you, which creates opportunities for your teammates.

Driving Ability
You should be able to take advantage of holes in the defense or other opportunities to get to the basket.

Defensive Ability
Perimeter defenders don’t allow open shots, they prevent penetration that exposes interior players, and should always be in position to help teammates.

A perimeter player must have an aggressive rebounding attitude. They must realize that rebounding is just as important as scoring, and always be aware of shooters and anticipate shots.

Understanding the Game
All of your players should understand how their skills compliment each other. Making outside shots will open up driving opportunities, while going to the basket will force the defense to step back enough to open them up for jump shots.

Perimeter Drills to Improve Perimeter Play

There are many aspects of perimeter play that can be taught individually.  Check out these 3 perimeter drills that will improve your players perimieter shooting.

Watch and Learn about the Chair Drill!

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