Simulates the proper footwork for quickly changing direction and going from offense to defense (or vice versa).

Drill Setup

  • Players form two lines – one on each side of the lane.

How it Works

Players execute two 180 degree turns in this drill.
  1. Coach says, “Go.”
  2. Players run to free throw line extended and execute a stride stop, taking two stopping steps. On the second step he puts all the weight on the outside “push off” foot, turns and explodes back in the opposite direction.
  3. They run back to baseline and execute a stride stop.
  4. They run to halfcourt.
  5. Next set of players goes when first set is about 15 feet away after completing baseline stride stop.
  6. When all players reach halfcourt, players turn and run the drill back to the baseline.

Coaching Tips

  • The key to a good stride stop is staying low.
  • Pump the arms and drive hard off the push-off foot to quickly change direction