Players learn the proper footwork to recover when beat on defense.

Drill Setup

  • Set up two lines on the baseline.
  • The first player in each line stands on the block in a defensive stance, facing the baseline
Start in a defensive stance facing the baseline


How it Works

1. Coach says, “Go.”

2. Player steps and slide 3 steps to the sideline, then turns and runs to the free throw line

Step and slide 3 steps to the sideline


3. Player steps and slides three steps to the middle, then turns and runs to the hash mark

Turn and run to the free throw line


4. Repeat to halfcourt

5. Next set of players goes when first set reaches free throw line

6. When all players reach halfcourt, players turn and run the drill back to the baseline.

7. Next, add a partner with a ball. Defender should step and slide and then have to sprint to catch up with the dribbler.

Step and slide 3 steps to the middle. Turn and run. Repeat to halfcourt


Coaching Tips

  • When starting out, you can blow the whistle to signal when to switch from the slide to the turn and run
  • When stepping and sliding, player should not cross their feet or bunny hop.
  • Try to cut off the dribbler and beat him to the spot