The “2 Basket” Drill for 3 Point Shooting Accuracy

If you practice in a gym setting, take advantage of the equipment and the space that you have. Normally, you’re going to have a side basket and a main basket – both with 3 point lines.

In today’s video blog post, I’m showing you an excellent 3 point shooting drill that takes advantage of this equipment setup and creates a great opportunity to increase your 3 point shooting accuracy.

Anybody can be a good 3-point shooter, whether you’re right-handed or you’re left-handed. Practice makes all the difference. In order to be a good 3-point shooter, you’ll have to make – not just take, but make – at least 50 3-point shots a day. If you want to be a great 3-point shooter, you’ll have to go out and make a minimum of 100 3-point shots a day.


Do you have other drills you would recommend to improve 3 point shooting skills?“  Share them below!“  And be sure to check out the Basketball Inner Circle, where you can find more great drills, all with video demonstrations!

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