Being able to measure improvement over the course of the season can be difficult in some drills, but not so in Olympic shooting. This is a great transition drill that will allow you to hold your players accountable and force them to strive to do better each and every practice.

The goal here is for the team to accumulate 150 points over a 4 minute period. They get one point for a layup, two points for a mid range shot, and three points for shots from behind the arc.

Drill Setup

  • Your players will form three lines at each end of the court, with the player in the middle on one side starting with a ball.
  • The second players in the outside lines will also have basketballs, as well as the players at the front of the line on the opposite end of the court.

How it Works

  1. To begin the drill, this player will push the ball up court aggressively, as if they were attacking the middle on a fast break.
  2. After crossing halfcourt and before crossing the three point arc, the ballhandler will pass to one of the two wings, who will catch the pass and finish with a layup at the hoop.
  3. The passer will fill in behind the player he just passed to, receiving the pass from the corresponding line on the baseline.
  4. The player on the opposite wing who did not receive the pass will also catch a pass from the baseline.
  5. From here, they have the choice to take a three point or mid-range shot, while the passers will take off downcourt as the drill continues.
  6. The player who took the layup will then grab his own rebound and push the ball immediately up to the other hoop, again passing to either wing and then taking his shot.

Coaching Tips

  • A good starting goal for the team is 150 points, and generally we have the players run sprints for every point they’re short of the goal.
  • You should keep note of the final result each time you finish the drill and adjust the goal accordingly as to keep your players engaged and motivated to improve.
  • It’s also a good idea to have the whole team count out each basket made, keeping everyone aware of the total.