This shooting drill focuses on performing under pressure.  The goal is for the player to beat an imaginary opponent.

Beat the Pro Basketball Shooting Drill

How it Works

  1. Player will start on the court with a basketball.
  2. Each chot the player takes counts for 2 points.
  3. However, every miss for the player is 3 points for the Pro.
  4. Whoever reaches 12 first – the player or the Pro – wins.
  5. Players chase down their own rebounds, no layups and players must flip the ball out to themselves and square up as if taking a shot in a game situation.

Coaching Tips

  • Make it harder: Either move players back to 3 point range, or if you still want to focus on mid range, raise it to 4 points for the Pro on every miss.
  • Make it easier: Move players in to the 10-12 feet range, or make players made shots worth 3 as well.