This drill focuses on mid-range shooting, passing, and shooting under pressure.

How it Works

  1. Players form two lines at the free throw line & baseline, with the first player in each line holding a ball.
  2. A third player will start the drill on the elbow in front of the right line.
  3. The player at the front of the right line will pass the ball to the player at the elbow, then run up to contest his shot on the release, continuing on to the other elbow where he will receive a pass.
  4. He will then shoot, with the player who just passed him the ball contesting his shot on his way to the other elbow.
  5. The drill will continue like this, with each player responsible for collecting his rebound and giving it to the player at the front of the line on the side they took the shot on.

Coaching Tips

  • Make it harder: Move players a step back, or even out to the three point line.
  • Make it easier: Start players off taking bank shots from just off the block.