Today we’re going to talk about some basketball drills for kids that will help to get them ready to perfect their 3-point shooting.

off footwork basketball drills for kids
Off Footwork Drill

Off Footwork Drill

We’re going to shoot the basketball off ten spots: in the baseline, left side; an angle; top of the key; right side angle; right side baseline. Six, seven, eight, nine, and ten, we’ll be coming back clockwise.

Once you shoot the basketball, you’re going to go back and touch the middle of the paint and come off to those next spots, act as if you’re shooting the basketball off of screens or stagger screens.

On top, your shooter wants to finish with his elbow above his eye and a good flip of the wrist. In the middle of the floor, he should act as if he’s coming off a couple set of screens, step with that inside foot, square his shoulders, and shoot and release the basketball.

Everything else is going to remain the same here. You shooter touches the middle of the floor, sprints to the next spot, steps with that inside foot. Hands and feet are ready on the pass, not when he catches the basketball. And again, it’s done at game speed.

transition shooting off a pass basketball drill for kids
Transition Shooting Off a Pass

Transition Shooting Off a Pass

Here’s how it works. Your player’s going to get out and run wide along the sideline, V-cut and push off that outside foot around the hash line, and step in at an angle, ready to shoot the basketball. Five on the left side, five on the right side. The passer for this drill is in the middle of the floor.

The footwork is the same. As your shooter V-cuts at the hash, he opens that chest up to the basketball, steps with the inside foot, gets his hands and feet, squares his feet and shoulders, and is ready to shoot the basketball at game speed.

With this drill there’s no dribble.

It’s important that once you release the basketball, you’re able to look up and see the palm of your guide hand. If you see the back of your hand, then you’re thumbing the basketball.

transition shooting off the dribble
Transition Shooting Off the Dribble

Transition Shooting Off the Dribble

Here’s how it works. When you plant that outside foot running the sideline, you’re going to receive the basketball once you make your cut. One hard dribble with the outside hand. And again, you’re trying to square your feet and shoulders to shoot the basketball.

Your shooter will receive the basketball. Once he plants that foot to V-cut, he does one hard dribble to get his balance and to get his legs into the shot. Again, all these drills are shot at game speed.

He wants to dribble with the outside hand and keep the ball away from the defense. The dribble is going to create momentum and a little bit of rhythm, to rhythm into your shot.

Again, the purpose of this 3-point license drill is to shoot the ball every conceivable way you would shoot the basketball in a game.

trail the break basketball drills for kids
Trail the Break Drill

Trail the Break Drill

Your player’s going to shoot five shots from each side of the floor. He starts at half court, takes a step away, V-cuts with that outside foot, and then sets up ready to shoot the basketball, stepping then with the inside foot at the top of the key.

As in all the drills, your player should be down and ready to receive the basketball on the pass, not when you catch the basketball.

Your hips should be low so you’re ready to go.

This simulates trailing the break ready to shoot the basketball or coming off a set of staggers from the opposite side of the floor.

These 3-point shots will fit into any team offense and any coach’s scheme. Which of these basketball drills for kids are you excited about doing with your players?