In today’s video blog post, we are breaking down the “Live 5 on 5” Transition Offense Drill.  The purpose of this drill is to work on getting down the court, filling lanes and transition off a defensive rebound.

Live 5 on 5 Transition Offense Drill

A very important part of starting the break is to find a man, make contact and all 5 people move to defensive rebound. As soon as you know you have the basketball, you want to be running your 3 steps in transition. Prior to getting the ball, you don’t want anyone leaking out on shots because you need all 5 people prepared to rebound .

Breaking It Down

  • Players 1-3 are going to run wide and cross underneath the basket
  • Player 4 is going to run right down the lane and try to post
  • Player 5 is the one who is being used to protect the basket (you can also reverse the ball with him)

Be sure to…

  • Take Advantage of Mismatches
  • Identify the Lanes – When running down the court, get the ball in the middle and fill the 2 outside lanes first.


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