We have a drill called 91 SHOTS.  It’s a continuous drill and the idea is to simulate as many game-like shots as you can.  This drill is a plus if you have any double stacked offensive sets, because this will give them game like situations.

91 SHOTS Drill
It starts off with two lines underneath the backboard, below the low post box area.  The player on the front of each line has a basketball.  You need one coach at either foul line elbow.

At the whistle, the players at the front of each line makes a chest or an overhead pass to the coach that’s in front of them, and then can either make an X-cut to the opposite wing looking for a pass from a coach, or V-cut and flare to the wing on their same side.

Decide this prior to choosing what game shots you want to work on.

Once there, the players can practice catching and facing, as well as a myriad of offensive moves, dribbles, ball sweeps, exhaling when making a move, pivots and of course, shots!
After the players take their shots, they get their own rebound and pass it to the next person on the line they came from and then go to the opposite line.

You will want to use at least 4 to 6 basketballs for this drill.  Also, to make the drill tougher, make your team have to make a certain amount of shots consecutively in order to get out of that particular shot and go to another one you have planned.

Examples of shots you can plan are power dribble into the paint w/pull up, power dribble to baseline w/pull up, three pointers, three pointers with shot fake, catch and curl w/pull up, L-cut to corner for three pointer, ballsweeps to power dribbles w/pull up, etc. Use your imagination, and challenge your team.