This drill will give you a feel for the basketball and help you become more comfortable in your ball handling. A good hand speed and coordination drill, it’s also a great conditioner for your arms.

Around the Head Ball Wraps Basketball Ballhandling Drill

How it Works

  1. Start with the ball held in front of your chin.
  2. Wrap the ball around your head in a circular motion.
  3. Receive the ball in front of your head and repeat.
  4. After you complete a set, do the same movement in the opposite direction.

Coaching Tips

  • You may need to duck your head slightly as the ball passes behind you.  That’s fine!
  • Start by mastering the form, then increase speed until you are moving as fast as you can.
  • Make it easier: Do the drill in front of a mirror and allow yourself to watch the ball as it travels.
  • Make it harder: Wear garden gloves to limit your feel for the ball.