I often focus on basketball ball handling drills the first few practices of the season then go back to them periodically.  The first drill uses a medicine ball and the second focuses on 2 ball dribbling drills.

Medicine Ball Drill
The purpose of this drill is for developing hand strength, shooting touch, range, and accuracy.

Have players use medicine ball to positively affect shooting
1) Stand in free throw shooting position with medicine ball.
2) With a shooting motion toss ball straight up 3-5 feet.
3) Do 3 sets of ten tosses each day before shooting practice.

The objective is to toss with proper balance form and ball rotation.

2 Ball Dribbling Drill
We do a lot of two ball dribbling drills:
1) Bouncing them at the same time,
2) Alternating dribbles,
3) Dribbling and spinning with both balls,
4) Crossing the balls with one low and one over the top.
5) Dribbling backwards with the ball,
6) Anything that strengthens both hands dribbling the ball.

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