Give these basketball fun drills a try with your team.  This 3 Pointer + tip in drill is popular with my teams and requested a lot.

Shooting 3 Pointers + Tip in
Two teams of each two players.
Team A with 1 ball on the three point line above the free throw circle.
Team B left and right near the basket.

A1 shoots. If the 3 point shot goes in, his team has 1 point.
A2 shoots. If the shot goes in: another point for the team and A1 shoots again, etc.

If the shot is missed, team B tries to tip the ball into the basket.
If the first tip is successful, B earns 1 point and now they can shoot three pointers. If the first tip is not a basket, they can try a second tip.
If it is a basket, they can become shooters but don’t receive a point.
If they also miss the second tip, both teams stay.

The first team to have 21 points wins.

You can put more “suspense” in it when, beginning when the shooting team has 17 points–they miss they lose one point.

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