When I coached middle school girls most of them came to me with terrible shooting form.  They would heave it up from their waste and pray that it went in.  The drill below is a great drill to correct this and to work on form.

One Hand Shooting Drill
You shoot the ball with one hand only.  Elbow in, shooting motion up than out with a the snap of the wrist and the making of the swan.

I like to teach a simple shooting drill that has 9 spots on the floor.
1. “ “  Under the front of the rim with your strong hand
2. “ “  Under the front of the rim with your weak hand
3. “ “  Left side of the basket with your left hand
4. “ “  Right side of the basket with your right hand
5. “ “  Left block with your left hand
6. “ “  Right block with your right hand
7. “ “  Bottom of the jump circle (not on most courts any more) about 7 feet from the front of the basket with strong hand
8. “ “  Right block with right hand
9. “ “  Foul line.

I’ve found that even after 30+ years of basketball when I’m recovering from an extended period of time away from the basketball (usually injury induced) this is a great way to work on form.  You can’t shoot with a poor motion with only one hand unless it is an over hand throw.

I think it works great and most players are surprised at how fast they work through almost 100 shots.  I must confess I heard about this one from Dr. J. when I was going to basketball camp many, many years ago.