Basketball Layup DrillThis is drill that I use all the time. We all know how important it is to make the lay-up in games and this drill adds a little pressure and competition to perfecting the skill.  It’s called ” 25 in 2″. It is great for practicing the running, passing game and it puts responsibility on all team members to execute.

25 in 2“ “ “ “ “ 
This was originally designed for women so the # of lay-ups may have to be changed for men.
Challenge your team to make 25 lay-ups in 2 minutes.

Divide the team, 6 at one end of the court and 6 at the other end.
Line-up in 2 groups of 3 like you would to do a 3-man weave.

The line of 3 starts running and the ball is passed from the middle man to either outside player and then back to the middle.
The middle player then passes to the opposite player who scores the lay-up.
The shooter scores and fills the opposite lan.
The middle slaps the hand of the middle player of the 3 waiting out of bounds and fills the other lane.
The other wing grabs the rebound and goes middle to continue the same drill towards the other basket to score.

As soon as this first group crosses the half line on their way to the other hoop, the next set of 3 start from the baseline behind them.

Time the drill for 2 minutes and count all made and missed lay-ups.
Emphasize good passing and focus on finishing.

My team loves the challenge and they work really hard to reach the goal together.