When it come to quick turns, there are two types of turns that you can use – front turns and rear turns. Front turns take you closer to the man, while rear turns take you away from the defense. Both can be used to your advantage.  In today’s video blog post, we are breaking down the Front Turn, and sharing a great drill that will have your players to the basket before the other team knows what hit ’em!

Footwork Drill for a Quick Front Turn

The keys to the front turn are:

  • Stay low and keep the head level when you turn. You do not want to raise up from that crouched position when you turn.
  • Lift the heel and give a tight punch to give yourself some momentum to come around in that front turn.


Breaking Down the Front Turn Footwork Drill

  1. Begin in triple threat
  2. Use a direct drive to the free throw line
  3. Stay low and level with the elbows in
  4. Make 2 front turns at the free throw line
  5. Repeat with the next set of players

After all players have moved to the other end of the court, run another repetition of the drill, this time with 2 (or more) players in the front row, with players behind them mimicking the front players actions.


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