Weak Option Play for Basketball Offense

You don’t have to be 7′ to be a good post player. If your going up against a good post player who has good moves, then you want to post him up. And what I recommend you do in most situations is go weak.  So in today’s blog post, we are breaking down and demonstrating the Weak Option Play for Basketball Offense.

basketball offense weak option

Option 1: If the post guy stays on the top side, the defender comes over the top. You open, let him through, go and cut.

Option 2: If the post guy goes underneath, you have a chance now to go right here or immediately go weak. And then we’re just going to hold him and crab, take up our space, and try to work into the guard.

Option 3: If the post guy is coming under, you’re going to down screen. So we cross screen, but we trigger it by ball faking.

Our rule if we go into the post – He goes and takes his guy, you spot, you spot. Because what’s happening is they’re doubling down. And if you don’t run a guy out, the guy in the weak side is the hardest guy to find because you can’t get it across to him. So we tell him to cut hard, take his man through. The other two guys spot up.

And now it’s his job to make a play. He’s got to be able to score. We’ve tried to take away help. If we drop down and help, we kick for shot. If there’s no help, he’s got to be able to score the ball.

We also work on low post stuff all the time. Locate his foot. Where’s his foot? What are you going to do?

This players got to have a favorite move – a shot he knows he can make. Now if he locates and he sees this guy’s foot on this side, he’s going to drop step and go to the basket. If he sees it on the other side, he’s going to drop step and go to the middle. If the guy’s straight behind, then he’s got to go to his best shot – a turnaround, back end stick, a jump hook, whatever he needs to do to make a play.

And if the guy’s feet are on both sides, get it out of there. You shouldn’t have it in the first place. He’s too big.


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