I wanted to share one of our basketball practice drills that is fun, game-like and competitive. We call it 3 on 2 plus 1.  Players seem to enjoy this drill and never want it to end.

3 on 2 Plus 1
Split the players into two even groups that line-up at opposite sides of half court.
Team A will begin on offense with 3 players fastbreaking while team B has 2 players playing defense (tandem position or side by side) trying to prevent Team A from scoring.

In addition, as soon as the ball crosses half court a member from Team B hustles to the center circle and then becomes a third defender.  This 3rd player puts more pressure on the offense to score quickly.

As soon as Team A passes half court 2 of the players from the line at half enter the court on the other end to play defense.

When team B rebounds or offense scores, they quickly run a fastbreak with the 3 players on the court challenging the 2 new players on defense.

This repeats itself until one team reaches a certain amount of baskets.  For example: 7 baskets.  When this occurs the losing team must pay the consequence (running, jumps, etc.).

You may also decide to give points for defensive stops.  It is up to you to emphasize the importance of fastbreaking or preventing transition points.

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