One of the big things that I find with young teams is that they struggle to multitask. I like these basketball practice drills because it forces them to think about timing, passing, and approach.

This one is a basic layup drill that helps to develop feeding skills and on the fly approaches. My players can shoot, layup and pass in isolation, but putting them together was another matter. This drill helped tremendously.

Layup Drill

1. Divide the team into half (all but one player has a basketball.)
2. Line up at diagonal corners.
3. The player without the ball runs down the left side of the court (half way between the key and the out of bounds.)
4. When he reaches the point level with the top of the key, the player who
is standing on the other side of the key, feeds him the ball.
5. The runner doesn’t stop. He receives the ball on the fly and continues for a layup on the left side of the hoop.
6. As soon as the passer feeds the ball, he goes down his side of the court to continue the drill.

You can alternate sides or have players work on their reverse layups.

This drill I find helps to expose problems with passing.

It also exposes those players who approach their layup faster than they do in regular drill and ultimately miss the basket.

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