Today, we’re going to discuss some basketball practice principles and drills that will help improve your 3-point shooting performance.

Short Shot Principle

Use the short shot principle in order to help you be a more effective and disciplined 3-point shooter.

Remember–you have to have goals if you want to score goals. Do this by shooting in sets of 10. These are short, achievable goals that will help you to be a more effective 3-point shooter and allow you to focus for short durations.

Use the short shot principle to get the most out of your practice. Take one point away from your score for each shot you miss short, left, or right of the basket.

triple threat basketball practice
Triple Threat 3-Point Shooting Drill

Triple Threat 3-Point Shooting Drill

The first 3-point shot that you want to work on during basketball practice is the jump stop and pivot. With this, you’re shooting out of the triple threat position. This is when you receive the ball on the perimeter area. You’re going to face up to the basket and make a determination and a read as to where the defensive player and the defensive unit is on the floor.

While using the V-shot movement, we’re integrating game situation principles into our practice. We jump stop, we face the basket so we can see the whole floor, we follow our shot, and then we work from the other side.

We’re also working both sides of the court so we’re familiar with all game spots so we can use them in game situations.

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Fast Break Drill

Fast Break Drill

To practice shooting 3-point shots off the fast break, have your player begin at half court, explode three or four steps to the basket, and pull up for a jump shot from the 3-point line.

Don’t ask players to go the full distance of the court because the objective is to get a rhythm for the jump shot, not the sprint down the floor.

As your players go through this drill, they should dribble exclusively with the right hand for one set of 10, and later they should work with the left hand for another set of 10 so that they’re working both sides of the floor for 3-point jump shots.

During your basketball practice, remind your players to always dribble with your eyes up.

When they touch the half court line, they should explode ahead two or three dribbles, and square their feet up to the rim so that they can shoot the ball in a straight line.

Once a player gets good at a certain shot, have them make three, four, or up to five in a row to end the drill. This will help them build greater confidence in their 3-point shooting.

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Catch and Shoot Drill

Catch and Shoot Drill

The catch and shoot is a shooting technique that is most commonly used at the professional levels of basketball.

It allows you to shoot your shot one second quicker than you normally would if you go to a set position and then try to release the ball.

This is a great technique for smaller players to use in order to get the ball off quicker against taller opponents.

When shooting the catch and shoot, you want to catch the ball with your feet in the air on the pass. All that you have to do at that point is jump stop and jump shot on the catch. You’re using your body to spring straight up for the shot.

Always rest in between your sets of 10 at the free throw line.

One of the best drills you will ever do is to practice free throws in order to become a better 3-point shooter. This will also simulate game situation for you so that when you’re tired in a game and you go to the free throw line, you’ll be in the mental and the physical habit of being able to take free throws and be successful while you do it.

If you were to use these drills during your next basketball practice, how do you think your players would react to them? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!