I find that“  kids focus and compete better in drills if the drill is a competition. SO..I try and break up into smaller groups “teams” and run drills where they compete against each other.  This Rebound Competition is one of the favorites.

This works best with 3 teams of 2 players each but you can modify to fit the number of players.Match up and take a player from the opposing team.

  • 2 players from opposing teams start with balls equidistant from the basket. (I like to use the elbows at the foul line but you can put cones anywhere.}
  • Defenders face the player with the ball but do not attempt to block the shot.
  • Offensive players shoot the ball from the designated spots.
  • Defenders box out and go for the rebound.
  • Rebounds are worth 2 points for the team.
  • Rebounding a made basket is no points but you become the shooter.
  • Made baskets are 2 points for the shooting team.
  • Everyone goes after the rebounds.
  • If you get a rebound you dribble back to the designated shooting spot and take a shot.

With three teams and only 2 balls one team is always positioning for the rebound.  You set a point limit for the winner.  As a team gets close to the winning point total it gets interesting as teams gang up to stop the leader from getting any rebounds.  Winners get a reward.