I call this shooting drill “Milano” having seen the drill as a part of the warming up of the Italian team.

5 players – 3 balls :
3 players on the baseline left with 2 balls, 2 players on the baseline right with 1 ball

Player from the left side shoots, follows the shot, rebounds and passes to the opposite line and goes to the end of that line.

Player from the right side shoots, rebounds,passes to the left row, etc.  3 or 4 minutes

In the practice we shoot until there are 25 made baskets (we count the baskets of all players together), then we go to the forward position (45“°) and then to the top of the circle.

Every time until 25 baskets are made. We can ask two point or three point shots.  All of our players (centers, guards, forwards) shoot from the 3 spots on the left and the right side.

We can have a competition between two teams of 5 players (each on a different basket of course) or we can put the clock on: 75 baskets in x minutes depending of the qualities of the players. If more than 5 players we still work with three balls.