As you know free throw shooting plays a big part in most games.  So in practice we shoot & record 10 free throws 4 times a practice.

Free Throw Practice Plans
During these free throw attempts we change the procedure each time.

  • The first time we shoot 2 at a time & rotate,
  • The 2nd time we shoot one & one’s.
  • If you miss the first you automatically miss the 2nd.  Each time the players record their attempts with a manager.

The free throws they shoot have consequences:

  1. If you make 6 out of 10 or less you have a suicide at the end of practice.
  2. If you make 7 or 8 you have no extra conditioning and if you make 9 or 10 you get a permission to get out of some running.
  3. They can also give their permissions away but can’t save them for another day.

We do have a carryover permission that is awarded to any player who makes a fantastic play.  They can use these carryovers at any practice.