The competitive drill, Knock-Out, works on pressure free throws, following your shot, and quick under the basket shots. The second drill works on improving layup skills.  It is a fast-paced drill that shows a lot of improvement!“  Worth adding to your practice plans.

Knock-Out Drill!

  1. Start with all the players in a single line at the free throw line.
  2. Only the first two players in line have a basketball.
  3. The first one shoots and if he makes it, he quickly gets the ball and passes it to the next person in line without a ball and then he goes to the end of the line.
  4. If he misses, he must quickly rebound his ball and attempt to shoot the ball from anywhere (preferably a close shot) before the next shooter in line makes his free throw.
  5. The second player in line is allowed to begin his shot as soon as the person in front of him attempts his free throw.

So basically, the player must make a basket before the person in line behind him does or he is “knocked out” of the game and cannot get in line again. Keep going until only one player is left.

Improve Layup Drill

  • Have player under the rim short layup right; short layup left alternating hands.
  • Catch the ball each time.
  • Do not let the ball bounce.
  • Player completes 50 per side; 100 in total to complete the exercise.

To add fun have the player count how many consecutive layups completed. The exercise should be completed at a brisk pace