Here is one of the basketball training drills I made up to make rebounding practice interesting. I call it survivor rebound drill.

Survivor Rebound Drill
Have the whole team stand in the lane while I shoot the ball.
When a solid rebound is pulled inside the lane area I let that player choose who to eliminate.

That player now runs laps on the outside of the court while the rest continue with the drill.

We keep this going till we are down to one. My players love this drill and you would be surprised who gets eliminated first. I am the one to decide what a good rebound is and if it goes outside of the lane we shoot again.

If it is tipped and controlled by a player I will allow that also. I like them to be aggressive and go hard to the boards so a little contact is not discouraged. If a player pulls a rebound but gets it knocked away because she dropped it to their waist then they lose their opportunity to pick someone.

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