I always do this drill before a contest or during a warming up. It is called the 175 Shots Drill.  It’s a good drill for a relaxed warm up; even before a game!

175 Shots Drill
You need a minimum of number players of 6, 1 chair and 4 balls.
You make two rows on the baseline, at the outside of the bucket.
Put the chair half way the bucket, in front of the basket.
Each side has 2 balls.

In one row the first person hasn’t a ball and he starts the drill.
This person runs to the chair and touches it.
Then he steps open, gets a pass from the other row.

After the pass he takes an inside shot. He gets his own rebound and passes to the row where the pass came from and gets back in line at the side.

After the pass the other player runs to the chair and does the same and it continues that way.

So why 175 shots drill?

You have 3 positions.
First position inside the bucket underneath the board 100 shots (chair is standing half way the bucket)
Second position half way the bucket 40 shots (chair is standing on free throw line)
Third position on the elbow of the bucket 35 shots (chair is standing on 3 point line)

That makes 175 shots!

You can use drill also for shooting practice, making the balls underneath the basket and around the bucket. Then I let them do push ups at every ball that they miss at position 1. Most of the time 10 push ups. On position 2 and 3 they can’t miss more than 5 otherwise they have to do also 10 push ups