This is a good half-court weave drill that combines the weave with mid-range jump shots, defensive closeouts, boxing out and rebounding.  We often use it for basketball warmup drills.

Half Court Weave Drill
Players line up at half court in three lines( as in traditional half court 3 man weave). Number them 1,2, and 3.(Place 1 in the middle with 2 to his right and 3 to his left.)“  Two players, numbers 4 and 5, start on the baseline just outside the lane lines extended.  Each have a basketball.

For descriptive purposes:
*“  1 in the middle line at half court passes ahead to 2 (right line at half court) and cuts behind as in traditional half court weave.
*“  2 passes to 3 and cuts behind.
*“  3 will hit 1 with a bounce pass for a layup.
*“  1 rebounds his own shot.
*“  3 cuts to the right elbow while 2 cuts to the left elbow.
*“  Both 2 and 3 give a hand target.
*“  Each receive a pass from 4 and 5 on the baseline.
*“  4 and 5 close out hands high butt low on the shooters.
*“  4 and 5 will box out and rebound the shots.

Players rotate so that shooters 2 and 3 become the next passers on the baseline while 1, 4, 5 go back to half court lines.

The drill features a number of fundamentals and some running, and is therefore a good pre-game drill.

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