In this drill, players dribble as they change speed and direction.

Drill Setup

  • Set up 5-10 cones in a line roughly one large stride apart.

How it Works

  1. Beginning at one end, move through the cones, zig-zagging back and forth between each one, while performing a series of dribble moves.
    1. Crossover – dribble the ball from one hand to the other while changing direction between each cone
    2. Inside Out Crossover – take one “fake” crossover dribble, pulling the ball in toward the middle of your body, then back out to the same side, while keeping the ball in the same hand.  Then make a real crossover dribble as you move past the cone, dribbling the ball into the opposite hand.
    3. Between the Legs – dribble the ball through your legs from one hand to the other, while changing direction between each cone.

Coaching Tips

  • Use change of speed along with your change of direction.  Explode from slow to fast on each move.
  • Keep your head up and see the court.
  • Make it easier: Increase the space between cones.
  • Make it harder: Use a flat or weighted basketball.