In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating the“  “1-on-1 from the Wing Position” Defensive drill. This defensive drill allows you to teach a lot of technique, and work on keeping the players between our man and the basket.

1-on-1 from the Wing Position Defensive drill

When the number two he goes to shoot the shot, that’s the second core of our three-step goal setting at the defensive end. And then once the shot has been taken, number three is to screen him out the correct way.

That same hand will be the correct hand for shooting it through to screen the person out will also be the correct hand for challenging the shot. And every person does this all the way through. So there’s a thread that runs through as our theme, and it runs through each person. Everyone plays defense the same way, with the same intensity, and with the same technique that’s taught.

The reason we challenge with either hand is because it’s the closest hand to the ball. That’s why for one player it might be the right hand challenging the shot, and then screening through on that side. For another, it will be the left hand and challenging and going through.

We always need to be preparing ourselves to guard a person with the ball in a game situation. And that becomes the hardest part here because we have no help defensive players in here. We don’t even have four teammates of the offense. So there’s eight players that will be excluded from this drill. It’s one-on-one, where you’re just completely open to get beat by the offensive player. But if you just stick to technique, the cushion from which you distance yourself on the offensive player, then you should always be able to stay between him and the basket.


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