One of the defensive drills for basketball that we use is a drill called the D- Triangle. We use it to teach our players defensive stance and movements along with hustle.

D-Triangle Drill
Two players start on the baseline on opposite sides of the key.
They both d-slide to the sideline, sprint to the free throw line and close out yelling “ball”.  They then stride backward to the baseline.
The two players are racing to get to the baseline first. As soon as the trailing player gets to the free throw line a coach rolls the ball up the middle of the court.

After the players reach the baseline they sprint out for the ball and play 1-on-1 until someone scores. The winner gets back in line and the loser d-slides the outside of the entire court and then returns to line.

End of Practice Competition
This is one of the things that I do at the end of practice.  I divide my team into equal teams and have each team sit on the opposite ends of the court.  Divide them by numbers, then blow the whistle after I call a number. Next it’s a dash to center court to score and beat your opponent for a basket.

The first team to 10 wins and the losing team runs a line drill.