I am a very defensive-minded coach and I want to instill to my players how important defense is in winning. One of the most useful and fun drills is what I call the “D-Win” drill.

D-Win Drill
Essentially, teams play but only WIN points on the defense. This means a team only gets one point.

– Force a turnover
– Force a steal
– Block and get possession
– Grab defensive rebound.

When a foul occurs the offensive team keeps possession.
If the defense fouls three times in a row in the same possession they loose a point.
They also loose a point when the offense grabs an offensive rebound.

Scoring gives no point, you only score to go back to D and get a point.
First team in 7 points wins, loosing team runs suicides x 2.

I find this drill instills defensive tenacity to the players and makes a very significant mental connection to the minds of players between defense and win.