Dribbling is one of the skills that we constantly work on.  These two drills are two of my favorites and the players have fun with them.  The challenge spurns them on.

Double Dribble
This training drill has worked wonders for my boys!
Mark out a suitable course with cones, so that it is challenging for the guys to dribble around.
Give all of them two balls, and get them dribbling round the course with both balls going at the same time.

To start off with, get them going slowly for them to get used to it.  After they look pretty confident, tell them that if they lose control of one of their balls, they have to sit out – last man dribbling!

When all of them have mastered this, time one of the average players in the squad going round the course at 75% effort with only one ball.  Each player must now complete the course with 2 balls in under that time.”

Zig Zag and Full Court Dribble Drill
Zig Zag cones full court from Baseline to Freethrow to Half Court to Freethrow to Baseline on one side of the court.

Have kids zig zag dribble through the cones using various ways to dribble (crossover, between legs, spin).

Have them do a power layup when they dribble through the cones.  After they shoot the power layup, rebound the ball and dribble full court on the other half of the court for a fast break layup.