We like to have fast break basketball practices and try to create as many situations as we can in this atmosphere. We spend 20 minutes each day using the 3 on 2 continuous drill.

We make rules or give requirements: example, no dribbling, 1 pass and a shot,“  3’s before a 2 can be taken.
We give points for rebounds, charges, blockouts, whatever you want to emphasize.

Fastbreak Practice

You have two teams–one on each sideline.  3 from one team start against 2 from the other team.  It starts at half court but becomes a full court drill and when the offensive group passes half court the third defender chases in and it becomes 3 on 3.

Each team is always defending the same basket and scoring at the opposite end.  It is best with 12 players but can be done with more.

This is a great conditioner and skill builder and you can choose what to put an emphasis on and make it as fun as you want.  Our players really enjoy it when we tell them there isn’t any out of bounds!

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