In today’s video blog post, I want to share a great footwork drill that can help your young players get comfortable with transitional footwork, quickness and agility. As an added bonus, you can simulate pressure shooting situations!

This footwork drill is at a quick, real-game situation pace. It encompasses many of the mechanics you have been working on with your young players – front/rear turn, direct and cross over drives, along with dribbling, shooting and rebounding.

Here’s the sequence.

  • Throw the ball off the backboard and collect your own rebound.
  • Front Turn or Rear Turn to face up the floor
  • Direct Drive or Cross Over Drive 2 Dribbles as far as he can get
  • Front Turn or Rear Turn to face the basket
  • Pass to himself and take a game shot
  • If he misses, he’s going to put the ball in the basket, follow it and then repeat

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