In today’s video blog post, Hubie Brown continues to share his Free Throw scoring strategies with 2 more Free Throw Options. But first, let’s talk about the basic structure of the free throw.

Free throws are organized in procession. The shooter takes his place behind the free throw line , and all other players must stand in their correct places until the ball leaves the shooter’s hands.

Up to four people from the defensive team and two people from the shooting team line up along the sides of the restricted area (keyhole, paint, lane). These players are usually the ones that rebound the ball. Three line up on each side. A defensive player always takes the place closest to the basket.  For more free throw shooting basics, check out our Free Throw Shooting Fundamentals post.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Hubie Brown’s Free Throw Strategy: Option 2 & 3

Now that you have an understanding of the basic concept and structure of the free throw, let’s take a look at some options you can use for successful scoring on the free throw.

Free Throw Option 2

In this situation, the shot went up, but the #2 guy couldn’t catch the ball and shoot it again, so he taps the ball to the upper left corner of the shot box to the shooter, who is sliding out to the side.

This is a technique that you must add to your repertoire because if that number 2 man can’t shoot the ball, he is going to be facing that upper corner and it is an easy tap right to the shooter.

Free Throw Option 3

Say it is the end of the game. You are down 4 points with 2 seconds to go, and you are shooting 2. You make the first shot and you are now down 3 points – still with 2 seconds to go.

As your shooter takes that shot, and you run the option formation, you can set up your players to be prepared if that shot is missed off the side. Your shooter can then slide out to be open deep, uncovered, and he can go for the 3 point shot without pressure.


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