I have one shooting drill that the boys on all my high school teams love playing.  We call it 3 Point Killer.

3 Point Killer
The boys line up on the 3pt line one behind the other.  The first two in the line each have a ball.
The player at the front, x1, shoots first.

If he makes the shot he gets the rebound and then passes to the next player in the line without a ball.

X1 then goes to the back of the line and is still in the competition.

If x1 misses that first shot he must get the rebound and still keep trying to score. “  However, x2 immediately shoots after x1’s first shot.

If x2 scores before x1 then he has made the kill and x1 is out of the competition.

x2 will get his ball and pass to the next person in the line without a ball.

The game carries on until you have one person left who becomes the winner.

It sounds complicated but it’s a great game and the players love it when they have spare time.