Learning to “play low” is an invaluable skill for players to master early.  Today’s video has some great drills that will get your players playing down low and shooting with more force and focus.

One of Iverson’s strengths as a basketball player, is that he has mastered dribbling the ball very low to the ground.  This lead up to the shot allows him to explode to the basket when he’d ready to take the shot.

You can teach your players this invaluable skill with today’s video drill!


“Iverson” Basketball Shooting Drill

  1. Start your players on the baseline.  The players are going to get as low to the ground as they can, and still walk – they have to touch the ground.  As they dribble, they’re going to come into the lane completely, and then shoot the ball.
  2. Because they are staying low and they have to keep their hand on the ground, when they are ready to take a shot, that hand on the ground helps by forcing them to explode up.
  3. Do this on both sides.  This is the “Iverson” drill.


Handling Drill with 2 Balls

You can also expand on this for a more advanced version – a handling drill with 2 balls.

The player is going to roll 1 ball and dribble the other ball to half court.  Again, it’s making him stay low and stay in a basketball position.

For an even MORE advanced version, we make them take a tennis ball and dribble it and flip that tennis ball up in the air.


You are probably asking why we do this?

The answer is that because we run motion, i want all 4 guys to be able to handle the ball.  On most teams we play, we always find 4 or 5 guys who can’t dribble. And that’s the guys we always trap. “  That’s not going to be us.  So we work really hard at the beginning of practice to make sure that all of our players get adequate time to run these drills, so we KNOW they can handle the ball.


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