Learning how to make efficient use of your time is one of the most important aspects of practice – it doesn’t matter if you practice four hours a day if someone else can do the same amount of work in just two! That’s why maximizing the time spent actually working drills and minimizing the time spend walking around or waiting for the ball should be one of your biggest priorities as a coach.

And when it comes to shooting drills, that difference is even easier to see and count – time 5 different players shooting for 2 minutes

and you’ll see how big a range of shots they get up. So how can you get the most jumpers up in 2 minutes?

Basketball Drills
3 Man 2 Ball Shooting

3 Man 2 Ball Shooting

This is a drill both your players and coaches will love – a rare feat. I like to use it after an intense defensive or conditioning drill as it’s light enough that after a 2 minute session and a water break the kids are ready to go for whatever you have for them next.

The idea is fairly simple, have three players go to a hoop together, with two basketballs between them. To start, they’ll all line up around the three point line (or whatever shot you want them to practice). The first player will shoot, followed by the second, while the third spots up.

The first player is going to chase down his rebound, pass the ball to the third player spotting up, and sprint out to the three point line to get ready to receive a pass from the second player, and so on and so on.

I like to get my players to count their makes, not their total shots, and usually have them go for 2-3 minutes. Whatever you do the first time, do everytime, and keep track of scores – you’ll quickly find out who your best and worst shooters are.