The Niagara Transition Offense Drill

You need to score, so if a player misses the shot, you have to get on the boards and score, because you want the opportuity to run the organized break on a score.  In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating a fantastic 5 Man Transition Offense Drill that will condition your players to react quickly and shoot accurately in order to gain the organized break advantage.

This drill is a 5 Man Drill, run 5 lengths of the court

In order, the 1 shoots a jump shot, followed by the 2, 3, 4 and finally 5. You still want the big men taking it out and you still want to run your lanes and go 5 lengths of the court.

Breaking Down the Niagara Transition Offense Drill

– Start with the coach throwing the ball off the backboard
– The ball is taken down the court, and the 1 gets the ball down the middle and takes a foul line jump shot. If he misses, be sure to rebound for the score!
– Inbound the ball to the 2, or the partner of the 2, and move the ball down to court. The 2 shoots a jump shot.
– Repeat this cycle with the 3 shooting a jumper, and then the 4 and 5


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