Here is one of my favorite dribbling drill for kids. I call it No Look Dribbling.

No Look Dribbling
I line up two kids with one ball each one.
They start to dribble on a stationary position but at the same time they have to look at my hands and count the numbers of fingers I am showing“  to them.
I change the the quantity of fingers all the time. This is to focus them to see what is around instead of looking downward to look the ball.
I also take them up and down on the court switching ball from hands.

They have to tell all the time how many fingers I am showing to them.

I know there are some kind of specs (goggles) to help them to avoid to look downward but if the budget is short this is a good idea.

Pre-Game Coaching Tip
Before every game I have the players do our rebound drill which keeps their legs loose and their arms loose. We line up single file; I throw the ball at the backboard while each player jumps up with arms extended and keep pushing up off the backboard until we are through the line jumping each time and not standing on the floor.